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CauseComms is an award-winning team of experienced digital strategists and content creators working exclusively for good causes. We combine storytelling and strategy to offer digital campaigns and content that reach wide audiences.

Our mandate is to be on the cutting edge of social change, and use our skills to help make it happen. Are you fighting the good fight? We’re here to help.

Some of our work

No Red Button - Global Zero Action

No Red Button

No Trump, no nukes campaign

We produced the No Red Button campaign for a U.S. non-profit. The anti-Trump ad we produced as part of this campaign was viewed over 2 million times during the U.S. election campaign and written up everywhere from the Daily Beast to the Stanford Social Innovation Review. For this work, we won a 2017 Pollie award from the American Association of Political Consultants, the “Oscars of political advertising” according to Esquire magazine.

A Bank for Everyone - Canadian postal workers

A Bank for Everyone

Canadian postal workers

We produced and executed the A Bank for Everyone campaign for postal banking for the two largest unions of Canadian postal workers. Campaign content in both official languages reached over a million Canadians, the campaign’s videos were watched over 200,000 times and postal banking became part of the national conversation on the future of Canada Post. Subsequent petition campaigns run in partnership with SumOfUs have attracted almost 50,000 signatures.

100% Possible - Coalition of environmental groups

100% Possible

Coalition of environmental groups

We produced the branding and visual identity for the 100% Possible climate march in Ottawa, attended by over 25,000 people. We also produced a series of promotional videos for the march in both languages and a bilingual wrap video to spread the message of the marchers.

What we do

We pair high-quality content designed to spread on social media with cutting edge digital strategy, and enlist your supporters and allies as frontline ambassadors for campaign content.

We also produce stand-alone content like TV or digital ads and websites, but our focus is on limited duration digital campaigns that employ strategy and storytelling to spread content to large audiences and mobilize them around a call to action.

Who we are

Between us we have co-founded a national media outlet and a publicly-traded digital agency. We have worked as director of photography for feature films, TV shows and music videos, and created with everyone from Kid Koala to Adbusters. We have worked as managers, advisors and strategists at every level of politics and with every manner of social movement.

Together, we’ve spent the past three years working on strategies to reach, engage and mobilize digital audiences to support good causes. We’d like to think we’ve gotten pretty good at it.


We work fluently in both French and English and employ a bicultural creative process, allowing us to conceptualize campaigns in both languages at once, rather than simply translating English concepts into French. Rooted in Montreal, we have extensive experience communicating with and engaging a francophone audience as part of bilingual national campaigns and Quebec-only French campaigns.

Get in touch

It all starts with a phone call. We’re always happy to talk about your needs without any obligation or pressure, and if you’re near Montreal, Ottawa or Vancouver we can come meet with you in person to tell you about what we do.

We’re not in this to make money, we’re in it to change the world. Let’s get started.

Ethan Cox in Montreal: 514-662-0070 or

Derrick O’Keefe in Vancouver: 604-803-6927 or